Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers

This edition of Excited about Eating takes us to Letty’s, a southern-style restaurant in the heart of the Midwood region of Charlotte. This neighborhood eatery offers comfort food in a homey environment where everyone is welcomed.

Dora here. True. Letty made her way around the dining room, chatting with patrons, several times during our visit. What Letty’s lacked in ambiance, they more than made up for in cleanliness, friendliness, and good service. Probably a local favorite. When I mentioned that it was a bit dark, hubby chimed in with romantic. That’s my guy. 🙂

Comfortable, homey interior
As a starter, we ordered Pimiento Cheese Fritters, panko-battered and fried, and served with Letty’s tomato jam. The fritters were great, crispy on the outside but smooth and creamy on the inside. When dipped into the cool and sweet tomato jam, perfect!
Pimento Cheese Fritters

Dora here. Tomatoes and pimento? How did Ernie ever convince me to order this? lol. Actually, the fritters were a great start. I had high hopes. 🙂

The server recommended Shrimp & Grits. Grilled shrimp served over sausage gravy and topped with grits, crumbled bacon and cheddar jack cheese. This dish was loaded with shrimp and cheese, and the combination blended so well together, I will definitely try this again.

Shrimp & Grits

Dora here. Our server also recommended the Honey Pecan Chicken, which sounded right up my foodie alley. Maybe because I’m trying to eat healthier, the chicken was a bit too sweet for my taste, almost like candy, and most of the options for sides were carb-heavy. That said, check out the generous portions, and what a great value at only $10.

Honey Pecan Chicken, Broccoli Casserole, Creamed Corn – all for $10

Fellas, if you’re looking for a romantic spot to wow your sweetheart, this probably isn’t the place. But if you’re looking for down-home cooking at a great value, head to Letty’s.

What’s your favorite southern-style cooking restaurant?


We rate this restaurant 4 forks out of 5 for a family friendly restaurant serving great food.

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8 thoughts on “Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers

    • Were you born in the south, Jill? I never tried grits until I met hubby, who was born and raised in FL, but my family’s from MI originally. Cream of Wheat is the northern equivalent, which I never liked. Ugh.
      Ernie’s right. In order for me to eat grits, they have to be smothered with butter and cheese. And you love cheese, so you might find that you like grits. 🙂
      Hope you can enjoy a wonderful, relaxing weekend, Jill!

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      • I was born in West Virginia and raised in Fairfax, Virginia. My grandmother always cooked oats. You’re probably right, Dora…anything smothered in cheese is going to be delicious! Enjoy the beautiful weather. 🙂

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  1. Shrimp and grits for me! I agree about the butter and cheese. But I will share another favorite…mustard and grits. Yep, yellow mustard. Served with catfish nuggets, you can’t go wrong! And iced sweet tea with lemon, of course!

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