Open Your Eyes

We live in a wonderful world

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” ~Jawaharlal Nehru

Are you an adventure seeker? Or do you prefer to stay in “safe” mode?

In the past, I confess I generally stuck to safe mode. Yeah, hubby and I traveled, but mostly in the US. Over the last few years, we’ve pushed our boundaries with cruises to various ports in Europe and the Middle East, and a land trip to Central America, but we’re looking forward to casting our net even wider.

We discovered hidden gems, beauty and charm in places we never expected. Like Dubrovnik, Belfast, and Valleta, and I could’ve happily explored Tuscany for months! Our eyes have been opened to a world outside of our own environment, and now, I can’t imagine ever limiting ourselves to just one tiny dot on the planet.

Take your glasses off and really look around. Start with baby steps and wander outside your comfort zone. Try a new restaurant or type of food. Take up a new hobby. Drive to a nearby city and explore then visit another state. Maybe that’s all you feel comfortable doing, but try to stretch yourself and plan a trip outside the US. Like us, you might be amazed at the wonderful world waiting at the end of a flight.

This week and next, we’re “railing” through Europe, from Brussels to Berlin to Amsterdam. Later this year, we’re cruising to Portugal, Spain and Northern Africa. If you’re interested, I’m sharing our travel adventures on Instagram. Come by and explore our wonderful world with us! Happy rails! 🙂

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