It’s Here!

“Kierra.” Fargo tugged at her arm. “About the new hand—”

She twisted to look at her brother, impatience moving her legs toward the chopper like a magnet. “It can wait, can’t it? I’d like to meet this cowboy. He’s an angel, sent to rescue me from cooking for this crowd.” Relief gushed through her limbs. She could handle her own in the kitchen, but out on the range? Another hand to help would certainly fill in the gaps. “This cowboy better watch out. I’m so happy I just might kiss him!”

Alarm flashed across Fargo’s face. Comical.

Laughing, she turned around and caught sight of the pilot as he exited the chopper. Hair the color of freshly ground nutmeg. Cropped tight on the sides and longer on the top but flattened from the headgear. Heavy stubble shadowed firm jaws.


No. It couldn’t be, right? Belly clenching, her steps lagged and she rammed a fist against her gaping mouth. No way! Not when she’d finally gotten to a point in her life where a few days passed without thinking of her high school sweetheart. Of what he’d done. Where he was now.

If his son looked like him.


Eighteen months of being buried under mountains of soiled sheets and nursing dishwater-shriveled hands is finally paying dividends! Kierra Kester cooked up this business venture to regain financial footing after her father’s death left her family in debt up to the barn rafters, and an upcoming feature in Amazing West magazine virtually guarantees to spotlight Kester Ranch as a premier destination. Kierra can taste success, but it sours the moment the chopper cowboy descends on the ranch.

Hawk Rowe admits to making more than his share of mistakes, especially giving up on Kierra eons ago, but he doesn’t regret his son, Cody. Now, with a stable job as chopper cowboy at Kester Ranch, Hawk hopes to convince a judge to grant him full custody. And maybe he can persuade a certain raven haired beauty to give him a second chance. He’s not the same guy sporting the bigger than life attitude. Life has kicked him around a bit, and he’s older, wiser, and knows what he wants…her. Kierra’s not so sure. Her heart had never truly healed, and now the sexy cowboy’s devotion to his son pushes all her buttons. When Hawk swoops in to rescue Cody, Kierra must decide if she’s willing to risk falling in love with the handsome cowboy all over again. Or if betrayal will keep them apart a second time…

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