Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers

This edition of Excited about Eating takes us to a new place in Cabarrus County and to Full Moon Oyster Bar. Now I can truly say,

Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers Full Moon Oyster Bar

New addition to the Publix Plaza

I have never been to an oyster bar and was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly, welcoming restaurant offering a wide variety of seafood entrees along with some beef and chicken specialties.


Cozy up to the bar. Prepare to know your neighbors. πŸ™‚

Dora here. Cozy up to the bar and prepare to know your neighbors. For being a new place in town, this oyster bar filled up fast! If you don’t like eating on bar stools, this probably wouldn’t be your cup of tea. But we enjoyed the change of pace, and the friendly servers tag team, so your drink never runs out and the food came out fast.Β 

While waiting for our meal, they offered complimentary steamed seasoned potatoes and cole slaw. The potatoes were great, cut into rectangle chunks with skin on, seasoned perfectly with great flavor. The slaw was creamy with just the right amount of sweetness.

Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers Full Moon Oyster Bar

Complimentary Slaw and Steamed Potatoes. A great start!

For my lunch, I chose the Alaskan Snow Crab, 1-1/3 pounds of steamd snow crab seasoned in Old Bay spice. The crabs were steamed to perfection, tender, very fresh and came with four huge clusters, plenty for a lunch meal. Dora here. To all our male readers. Just in case you were wondering…this much Old Bay changes your facial hair color. lol.

Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers Full Moon Oyster Bar

Alaskan Snow Crabs, so tender and fresh!

Dora here. Usually I sit across from hubby when he eats crabs. I joke that I’m the one who needs a bibb, not him. Kinda nice sitting next to him this time. πŸ˜€

Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers Full Moon Oyster Bar

The 30 minute mark πŸ™‚

Still Dora. Ernie admitted that, although these crabs were lip-smacking tender and incredibly fresh, the portion doesn’t quite compare to Hannah Flanagan’s‘s all-you-can-eat crabs on Sunday evenings. But for those times he’s craving crabs and we can’t spare the four-hour round trip and the three hours to eat…

Excited about Eating by Ernie Hiers Full Moon Oyster Bar

Only took 45 minutes. lol

Dora again. Check out the Crab Cake sandwich! Ginormous, isn’t it? Trust me, there wasn’t a crumb left from this sandwich on my plate. Smooth and not too seafoody, which was great because I’m not a huge seafood fan and this was one of a handful of menu items that called out to me. I only took a bite of the creamy potato salad because I scooped up all ofΒ that complimentary slaw. Oops.Β 


Crab Cake Sandwich-Ginormous, but I didn’t leave a crumb!


Crab Cake Sandwich with Potato Salad. Smooth and not-too-seafoody, perfect choice for me. πŸ™‚

Still Dora. This place reminds me of Cheers, a local hangout where everybody knows your name. Even though I’m not a seafood fan, hubby is, so we’ll be back.

What’s your favorite seafood dish?

We rate this restaurant 5 forks out of 5 for a family friendly restaurant serving outstanding food.

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