Excited about Eating by Ernie & Dora Hiers

This edition of Excited about Eating takes us to an 1861 historical house in Valle Crucis, NC, to Over Yonder, An Appalachian Kitchen. This picturesque house has had many different uses over the years but I think this may be the best one yet.

Over Yonder Excited about Eating Ernie Hiers

Love the farmhouse exterior!

Dora here. The owners added on over the years, but the left side is original. Stunning, isn’t it?

Over Yonder Excited about Eating Ernie Hiers

The original side: just stunning!

We were seated in the front right room, the added-on side. Can you guess why we called this the game room? That’s right. Old fashioned games hung from every wall.

Over Yonder Excited about Eating Ernie Hiers

The Game Room. Can you see why? 🙂

I chose the Potlikker Gumbo, loaded with chicken, andouille, ham and okra in a brown broth of collard greens and blanketed with jasmine rice. The gumbo was outstanding without being spicy, hardy, and the perfect choice for a cold day in the mountains. All of the ingredients mingled together to form one tasty bowl of goodness.

Over Yonder Excited about Eating Ernie Hiers

Potlikker Gumbo, tasty bowl of goodness!

The Roasted Okra appetizer drew my attention when I first looked at the menu. Being from the south, I have had okra cooked just about every way possible, but never roasted. Let me just say, this has to be some of the best tasting okra I have ever had. The okra is cut in half, roasted until soft and then flashed fried until crispy. I would recommend this dish to anyone who visits this restaurant. Which I did, actually, as we were leaving.

Over Yonder Excited about Eating Ernie Hiers

Roasted Okra Appetizer…amazing!

Dora here. Before the food came out, I teased hubby that he’d be eating this okra by himself. I like fried okra, but roasted? Not in a million years would I like it prepared this way. Well, let me just tell you, the joke was on me. This okra was delicious! And my hand kept straying to his side of the table, swiping a delectable goodie whenever he wasn’t looking. haha. Now on to mine…the OY Pork Burger should be called the Oh My Pork Burger! Messy, but packed with flavor!

Over Yonder Excited about Eating Ernie Hiers

The OY Pork Burger should be called the OH MY Pork Burger. Messy, but PACKED with flavor!

Good to the last bite, I even scooped up the overflow because I didn’t want to miss any ounce of the awesome flavor! Ground pork topped with smoked Gouda and a wonderfully intoxicating slaw…divine! Kind of like a chilled sauerkraut, but in the very best way, adding a whole new dimension and texture to the sandwich. And, oh my stars, those pickles! The chips were salted with rosemary, giving them a zesty bite. YUM, YUM, YUM! There was nothing left on any of these plates! We might’ve licked them…lol.

Over Yonder Excited about Eating Ernie Hiers

Demolished these dishes! Not a crumb left!

Dora here. Amazing food. Quick, friendly, and very knowledgeable service by an employee who obviously loves his job (thank you Justin!). Lovely atmosphere. Over Yonder is definitely a repeat!

Are you an okra fan? What’s your favorite way to eat okra?

We rate this restaurant 5 forks out of 5 for a family friendly restaurant serving outstanding food.
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  1. What a beautiful place to relax and have a good meal. You know, I’ve never tasted okra. I’m assuming my mother never cared for it and that’s why she never cooked it while I was growing. If it’s anything like asparagus, I’m sure I’d love it. Happy Saturday! It’s like pea soup down here this morning. ❤

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    • Happy Saturday, Jill! Yes, it’s crazy foggy here too. Okra changes texture with different cooking methods, and typically I prefer it breaded and fried (less slimy). But I’d order it roasted now too. It’s nothing like asparagus, but even so, I hope you decide to try it some day. Wishing you a record-breaking word count day, my friend. xo

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