Excited about Eating by Ernie & Dora Hiers

This edition of Excited about Eating takes us to Banner Elk, NC, and to The Pedalin’ Pig BBQ, a locally owned and operated restaurant using local sourced ingredients. Besides the normal BBQ options, this regional favorite also offers tacos, salads, and a bunch of different sides.

The Pedalin' Pig BBQ Fiction Faith & Foodies Ernie & Dora Hiers

Huge with several different eating spaces

Dora here. We’ve eaten at this location a couple of times now. The interior is a bit tired and worn, yet still gives off that homey, comfortable vibe. It’s also huge, with several different eating spaces. But I can’t wait until the weather warms and we can sit outdoors.

The Pedalin' Pig Fiction Faith & Foodies Ernie & Dora Hiers

Huge interior. Homey and comfy, a bit tired and worn.

We started with the Pork Rinds with “pig spice.” Crispy, full of pork flavor, and as always with pork rinds, it’s hard to stop eating them once you start. Dora here. Actually, Ernie, you started with the pork rinds. Not a fan of pork rinds anywhere. 

The Pedalin' Pig Fiction Faith & Foodies Ernie & Dora Hiers

Pork Rinds appetizer: hard to stop eating once you start

For my lunch, I chose The Worker’s Lunch Special, which included a pulled pork sandwich with house-made chips, slaw, and a drink all for $6.95, what a deal. The pulled pork was tender, smoky, and full of that wonderful pork bark. The slaw was sweet and made a perfect addition when I added it to my pulled pork sandwich and the chips were light, thin, and flawlessly cooked.

The Pedalin' Pig Fiction Faith & Foodies Ernie & Dora Hiers

The Worker’s Lunch Special: Pork sandwich was tender, smoky, and full of that wonderful pork bark

Dora here. Today, the Worker’s Lunch Special came with either brisket or pork. I opted for brisket. Can you believe you can get all this food plus the drink for only $6.95?? The brisket was tender, just enough fat to make it juicy, and blanketed with a light layer of sauce to give it a nice sheen. I don’t care for North Carolina Barbeque Red slaw (with ketchup). This is my favorite kind of slaw, creamy and sweet, and adds a nice texture when added to the sandwich. I only ate a few of the house-made chips, but they were nice and crispy.  

The Pedalin' Pig Fiction Faith & Foodies Ernie & Dora Hiers

The Worker’s Lunch Special with Brisket. Such a bargain for only $6.95, including drink!

Which would you choose, pork or brisket?

We rate this restaurant 4 forks out of 5 for a family friendly restaurant serving great food.

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15 thoughts on “Excited about Eating by Ernie & Dora Hiers

  1. The Worker’s Lunch Special looks like a lot of food for the price. I’d probably go with the pork as I’m no a fan of brisket. The coleslaw looks yummy…I don’t like it made with ketchup either, Dora. Have a great weekend with little man! xo

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  2. Good morning! This sounds like my kind of place. I’ll have the pulled pork sandwich. I haven’t found a brisket I like. Yet. Slaw? Yes, please. Creamy and sweet! I’m with you, Dora. There is only one reason for ketchup. French fries! This sounds yummy! Wishing you both an amazing weekend. 😊

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  3. Oh, wow, brisket that cheap?! Usually, brisket is $2-3 more! In fact, around here that meal would be quite a bit more.
    I love brisket my dad, and baby brother both used to make the best brisket.
    I have never seen or heard of the NC Red Slaw; I wonder if it’s new since I lived there or just wasn’t served in the places I frequented. I don’t think I’d like it either, then again, I don’t really care for ketchup.
    Looks like another great place to eat!


    • Sounds like you come from a family of “smokers,” RobbyeFaye. 🙂 Hubby loves to crank up the smoker, but he rarely makes brisket. He’s not a huge fan of it, but also he usually packs it with Boston Butts and Ribs. lol. Most places call it BBQ slaw. Maybe you’ve heard of that? Wishing you a fantastic week, my friend!! ❤

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      • Dad and my brother both loved to cook anything, but I especially loved Dad’s brisket and chili! My brother was the one that grilled the most as he hated the heat in the kitchen. I miss them both, but this brings back some happy memories!
        I haven’t heard of BBQ slaw, but it sounds like something my g’daughter would love! She loves all things BBQ and things that go with BBQ!
        Thanks for the wishes, same to you!

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      • Ernie, I never really got into the sweet slaw, either. I like it with green and purple cabbage, a little bit of shredded carrots and a little mayo. I can eat just about anything, but that’s my favorite kind of slaw.
        Another kind I like is one my Dad made. He would dice tomatoes and onions really small and mix them with the cabbage. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I can’t eat it anymore because of the onions and tomatoes. It is really good on hot dogs and hamburgers, though!
        Have a great day!

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