Excited about Reading: Love’s Unfading Light

Do you ever get in reading slumps? It seems I’ve been in and out of one for a couple of years now. But, as a writer, I’m finding it increasingly challenging to dive into reading a book and getting involved with characters when I’m so invested in my own characters and their story. So, I tend to read less while I’m working on a book. And, HELLO, when am I not writing?? Can any of my writer friends relate?

But I just finished Love’s Unfading Light by Naomi Rawlings and knew I needed to tell you all about it. I snatched it up when it was free on Amazon and finally opened it, but it didn’t take long for the main and secondary characters to draw me into their circle and for me to feel as if I stood on the shore of Lake Superior under the lighthouse in Eagle Harbor, Michigan, in 1880.

Excited about Reading Love's Unfading Light Fiction Faith & Foodies book review Dora Hiers

The author did a great job of bringing the setting to life during the early stages of the US Lifesaving Service.

“The wind whipping across the lake, the waves froth-tipped and vicious, and the North Star caught in the uncontrollable swells.”

Can’t you just picture a boat being tossed about without any hope of rescue?

Tressa, a widow from a loveless marriage, left with a son, a bakery and a tremendous amount of debt. After her husband’s death, she seemed to do a decent job supporting her and her son, until a robbery unleashes all her dead husband’s creditors to conspire against her. Poor woman lost ground fast. Just thinking about her circumstances makes me so grateful that I wasn’t born in that time period. And Mac, an assistant lightkeeper, willingly sacrificed everything for her without expecting anything in return. Without coming across as preachy, Mac modeled Christ’s love for us.

Although subtle, Love’s Unfading Light packs a powerful message tucked inside those pages. Like how we judge others based on their associations. How sometimes we’re certain we’re following God’s path for our lives, but then He turns us around and points us in a different direction. How God has the power to transform an impossible situation into a blessing. I can’t wait to dig into Love’s Every Whisper, Elijah and Victoria’s story!

To Ponder: Sometimes we can’t see the bigger picture, the whole truth regarding our circumstances, but God knows. Do we accept the current situation as truth and allow the bleakness to overwhelm us or do we look past the circumstances to trust the God who loves us with a limitless love?

At the time of this posting, Love’s Unfading Light was still free on Amazon. Purchase here.

Disclaimer: I purchased my own copy of Love’s Unfading Light when it was free on Amazon. This review is my fair and unbiased opinion, and I was in no way compensated.

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  1. Yes, I can definitely relate, Tori. The only time I have to read is when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical. But that’s okay, it makes me look forward to that hour of exercise each day.
    Thanks for the terrific review. It sounds like a great story. I’m loving that cover! Enjoy your Saturday!

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