Noise…and an escape hatch

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Earlier this year we hired a contractor to remodel our cabin’s main floor. We dismantled a wall to open the kitchen and dining area into the great room. Actually, calling it a “great” room is a stretch. It’s more like a tiny room. lol. We decided to replace cabinets, appliances, flooring. Pretty much everything.

remodel, construction, noise, Tori Kayson

Every time the nail gun popped, I jumped. Trucks chugged up and down our gravel road.

Constant noise. All. Day.

So much commotion that, when things got quiet around quitting time, I’d look around, wondering about that strange noise.

You know what I looked forward to the most? An escape from the constant battering, my daily afternoon walk at the park.

Just me and the dogs. Thirty minutes with only the chatter of birds and the gentle gurgling of the river rushing over the rocks.

Where does your escape hatch lead?

18 thoughts on “Noise…and an escape hatch

  1. Jill, so sorry for your troubles. My door leaked during Irma–still can’t stand to say her name–and we still have to change out the entry and storm door. And I’m not sure when we’ll get through with cleaning up the trees and debris. Praying for you.
    Now, about that escape hatch…
    Dora, your house is gorgeous. Love the wood!

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    • I know you love and appreciate being surrounded by trees, Gail, same as me. But that sure makes it tough when these storms rip through. So many NC and SC folks were devastated by this one. Breaks my heart every time I watch another video of the flooding, and even worse, seeing all the terrified animals left behind. So glad your house held, Gail, and thank you for the sweet words. ❤

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      • Yes, I have so much to be thankful for. I don’t like losing the trees, but water scares me. Looking at the photos on line and in the news, you can’t help but pray for those who are having to deal with flooding. Have a blessed week, my friend!

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