*RELEASE DAY* for Her Covert Cowboy by Dora Hiers

A disenchanted romance writer…After a humiliating, very public breakup, best-selling romance author Sapphire “Gem” Benton flees to her childhood home in remote Montana to write her contracted novel. With a deadline looming like an enormous black cloud, she’s got nothing so far. Until daily jogs with long-time neighbor and friend Cash Griffin jumpstart the words and spark the inspiration for her fictional hero.

A spy on medical leave…Back home for some much-needed down time and a medical procedure, Cash hopes the doctor can pinpoint what’s going on with his gut so that he can get some relief. Being on this side of the globe has its benefits, particularly spending precious time with Gem. But Cash refuses to be the sap who always picks up the pieces of her shattered relationships anymore. Especially when everything in him longs to cross the friend boundary and step into forever love territory. He tried that once, and it didn’t work out so well.

A long-held secret…An FBI investigation involving Gem’s mother threatens to unravel his secret, that he’s a spy, not the graphic arts designer that she believes.

Will the truth set them free or tear them apart? Can she forgive him and see him as a man of faith and family, one who would love and cherish her always? Or will she lump him into the same category as all the other men in her life, cheaters and liars…

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