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A homebody. A lawyer stuck at home. Will God work a holiday miracle and bring them together on UNcommon ground?

Raney Mayhall’s career stalled before it ever started. Stuck back in her tiny hometown during the pandemic, she’s forced to wait until her D.C. law firm reopens to begin her new life. So instead of decorating a fancy row house for Christmas, she’s living in her childhood home with her mother and brother. With a looming six-digit tuition loan and no salary, what choice does she have? And how exactly can she protect her heart with her brother’s best friend turning up everywhere like he’s the small-town hero? Instead of the declaration of love she’d secretly hoped for, Mac had sent her off to college with a broken heart.

Macallister “Mac” Lindscott never told Raney the real reason he couldn’t leave Reunion Ridge. Besides, what was wrong with wanting to know the people he bumped shoulders with every day on the way to work? That he’d rather hike the ten minutes to his coffee shop, breathing in fresh air and appreciating the enchanting holiday decorations lining the streets versus navigating a ten-lane interstate or suffocating among all that glass and concrete. Everything he needed was right here. His family. Lifelong friends. A supportive community and church. A job he loved. Everything…except Raney. But she’d always longed for bigger and better. Not…simple and faithful. Like him.

Will Reunion Ridge captivate her with its Christmas charm or will she leave him in the dust once the law firm in D.C. calls her to work? Will God work a holiday miracle and bring them together on UNcommon ground?

* RELEASE DAY * for Summer’s Return

Will his summer’s return set her secret free?

Moondust Cove holds too many memories and too much pain to keep Gentry Tomlinson grounded, but the small town does have one thing he wants. No, make that two. Everlee Armstrong, his longtime neighbor, and his family. What’s left of them, that is. Staying away eases the pain and allows him to forget–at least for a little while–his guilt over the tragic deaths of his parents and sister. But when his friend and business partner dies and Gentry returns home for Gramps’s summer wedding, the tug to stay and grow roots is stronger than the pull to leave again.

Interior Designer Everlee Armstrong has loved the youngest Tomlinson brother since he used to chase her on the playground in elementary school. But until the prodigal accepts that the accident that scarred his family wasn’t his fault and finally comes home to stay, she’ll keep that secret forever. That secret threatens to unravel, though, as his amazing talent surfaces, and they’re forced to work together on several projects at work.

Will God unshackle the chains of guilt and heal him? Can Everlee trust that the wanderer is finally home to stay? Will his summer’s return set her secret free? Or will he abandon her yet again?

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*RELEASE DAY* for Her Christmas Cowboy

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A forbidden romance. A secret child. Will deception crush their love…or will truth and faith prevail?

A forbidden romance…
Bryce Kinnerly was everything Tristyn could want in a husband. Attractive. Kind. Thoughtful. Attentive.

Everything her husband isn’t.

Rich abandoned her shortly after Maisie was born—seven years ago—but she never filed for divorce and remained faithful to her vow. Until Bryce. He makes her feel treasured and alive again, fills the lonely spaces in her heart. Every stolen moment buries the truth even deeper. Until the day she knows. That one more sweet kiss will suffocate her soul, smother her faith.

A secret child…
Bryce Kinnerly’s extreme adventure photos have graced the pages of several national magazines. He’s traveled the globe in his quest to capture the perfect shot, the one that would make him forget the beautiful blonde woman who stole his heart and then disappeared. Bone-weary, he accepts their mutual friend’s offer for a breather in the wilds of Montana and stumbles upon Tristyn and…her daughter?

Will deception crush their love…
How could she have kept the truth from him? Especially after he’d bared his heart, his dreams. He’d been so certain of the Lord’s will for them. How could he have gotten it all wrong?

Or will truth and faith prevail?
As they work together for the Cowboy Jamboree, can Bryce forgive Tristyn’s deception? Can she forgive herself? Will Tristyn’s renewed faith grant them a second chance at a forever love this Christmas?

Her Christmas Cowboy, a contemporary Christian romance, is Book 14 in The Potter’s House Books Series Two. Stories of ‘hope, redemption and second chances.’ Read all of The Potter’s House Books and be blessed.

Read Her Christmas Cowboy for a limited time price of only 99c! *Available in Kindle Unlimited