Happy release day to SUMMER’S SONG!

Will a simple summer song bring them back together for a second chance at love…

Cole Kallen never planned to be gone so long. He’d only left Laurel Cove to escape the painful reality of seeing the woman he loved hanging onto his best friend and business partner’s arm. Everyone could see that London and Denton didn’t make beautiful music together. Cole had kissed her once, and that kiss had rocked his world. But how could a nerdy computer geek compete with all the jocks vying for the popular cheerleader’s attention? Before she could reject him, he’d broken it off and poured himself into the company he’d founded with his college buddies.

From their very first kiss, London Carlson had been smitten with the handsome songwriter. But Cole had shattered her heart with some flimsy excuse and avoided her carefully crafted attempts to reunite. His best friend’s idea of fake dating seemed like her only hope, but Cole deserted her for a country she had to look up on a map and still couldn’t pronounce. After ten years, the digital nomad’s back in town for their friends’ wedding, his beautiful music making her heart ache for a lifetime with him. But now that his name’s included in the popular magazine’s most recent list of billionaires, he probably won’t even remember her name, let alone that life-changing kiss.

Can London’s faith carry her through yet another rejection? Will a song bring them back together for a second chance at love? Or will Cole choose to lead a solo lifestyle forever?

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