Taking a blogging break…

Bon Voyage!

We’re sailing into uncharted territory.
This will be the first time cruising with our two sons, daughter-in-love, granddaughter, four-year-old grandson, and our son’s friend. We’re super excited!!  

When you see me again, I’ll be all golden and rested and….
Right! Probably lobster red and desperately in need of rest from our trip. Isn’t that the way it is with holidays and vacations?

I’ll be taking a short blogging break, but look for pictures when we return. Plenty of pictures. 🙂

Have you tried PicMonkey?

Have you seen some awesome graphics spilling over into your social media news feeds lately? Don’t they just make you drool? 

Enough with the drooling already! I finally decided to investigate how to create my own cool graphics. I’d heard about PicMonkey, an online photo editing application. With the free software, beginners can edit/enhance their own pictures or use a free stock photo from the web. I chose one from Bing.com (if you use a Bing image, make sure you select the “Free to modify/share/and use commercially” license option). After puttering around for a few minutes, I came up with this:

Not bad, huh? PicMonkey isn’t that difficult to use. It just takes an investment of time, which is a valuable commodity for all of us. At first, designing in PicMonkey was a bit uncomfortable, even frustrating, because it was new and unfamiliar. But as I explored deeper, I discovered that, with a little effort, PicMonkey transforms ordinary pictures into enchanting messages of hope and grace and love. 

How cool is that? Can you see the stream of hearts from the sunbeam? I can’t wait to share them in my blog posts and pin them to my boards on Pinterest.

Some people relax with needlework or baking or outside activities. I usually read to relax, but designing these little nuggets might end up being a close second. 🙂

How do you switch gears and relax?