Have you tried PicMonkey?

Have you seen some awesome graphics spilling over into your social media news feeds lately? Don’t they just make you drool? 

Enough with the drooling already! I finally decided to investigate how to create my own cool graphics. I’d heard about PicMonkey, an online photo editing application. With the free software, beginners can edit/enhance their own pictures or use a free stock photo from the web. I chose one from Bing.com (if you use a Bing image, make sure you select the “Free to modify/share/and use commercially” license option). After puttering around for a few minutes, I came up with this:

Not bad, huh? PicMonkey isn’t that difficult to use. It just takes an investment of time, which is a valuable commodity for all of us. At first, designing in PicMonkey was a bit uncomfortable, even frustrating, because it was new and unfamiliar. But as I explored deeper, I discovered that, with a little effort, PicMonkey transforms ordinary pictures into enchanting messages of hope and grace and love. 

How cool is that? Can you see the stream of hearts from the sunbeam? I can’t wait to share them in my blog posts and pin them to my boards on Pinterest.

Some people relax with needlework or baking or outside activities. I usually read to relax, but designing these little nuggets might end up being a close second. 🙂

How do you switch gears and relax?

2 thoughts on “Have you tried PicMonkey?

  1. I have seen these type of pictures around FB but haven't heard of PicMonkey. I love doing stuff like this. Thanks for pointing me to it. I know what I'll be doing later, checking out PicMonkey! 😉 Your pictures came out beautiful!!!


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