How will you use your words?

Words. Have you considered how powerful they are?

Words hurt. Words can destroy relationships and break families apart. They can discourage and humiliate, be rude and judgmental. How painful is it to be the brunt of critical, hateful words?

Words can also encourage, lift others up. A parent’s words to their child can be gentle, kind, and patient. Sweet words like “I love you” create a lasting bond. Humble words like “I’m sorry” restore relationships.

How will you use your words today?


2 thoughts on “How will you use your words?

  1. What a thoughtful post. Lately a lot my spoken words have come from frustration while my written are designed to give hope. It's an interesting contrast and worth analyzing. Thank you.


  2. Hey Erin. Thanks for your kind words.

    Does your frustration have anything to do with being a teacher and school coming to an end? I feel for you! lol

    Hope you don't feel any pain after that workout! (Saw your random comment after being tagged. Too funny!) Thanks for stopping by.


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