Just got back…

Just returned from two days in the Gatlinburg area. Man, it was hot! Mid-90’s. Yowzie.

I love traveling. For short periods. A week, preferably less, much to my hubby’s dismay.

To me there’s nothing sweeter than coming home. Sleeping in my own bed. Waking up to my own brand of coffee. The freedom to open the door and allow our dog to go out in the yard unattended.

What about you? Do you like coming home? Or could you stay on vacation indefinitely?


2 thoughts on “Just got back…

  1. Hi, Dora!

    90 degree weather sounds lovely to me right now on a dreary, rainy UK Monday.

    I love coming home from any trip. I often get homesick by the third day and can't wait to return to my own space.

    There's just something about coming home that feels as though you've left a small part of yourself behind when you leave and only get it back when you return.

    Lovely blog.

    Hugs x


  2. Hey Monique. Sorry about that. Didn't mean to rub it in. How about if we swap? You send a little rain our way and we'll send the UK some sunshine? A big chunk of the US is gripped in a heat wave right now.

    Third day's about right for me, too. My hubby jokes that he keeps a helicopter on stand-by when we take a cruise…

    Thanks for stopping by.


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