thanks givings…

 ~ Enjoying this spectacular view over dinner with my hubby! Life just doesn’t get any better.

~ My mom and dad arriving back in this time zone. It’s so good to have them back home for six months, and only a four-hour drive away. 

~ Seeing the excitement on my hubby’s face the closer we got to the NASCAR race track. 

~ Finding our rental car after the race. The ten mile hike, combined with an eighty-eight degree sun burning on our backs, just melted those pounds away. Great exercise program, hubby!

~ Passing a major milestone yesterday. That big ole “50” marker had been staring me in the face for a few months, giving me a kick in the gut every so often. Now that it’s passed, I can get on with my life, enjoying precious memories of where I have been, cherishing every moment of where I am, and relishing where I am headed.

What about you? What are your thanks givings today?

6 thoughts on “thanks givings…

  1. Hey Sandra. We enjoyed the race. Well, we did until Junior blew a tire, then hubby started mumbling under his breath. But Tony Stewart ~ whose shop is in Kannapolis ~ won, so it's all good.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, ladies. Enjoy your week!


  2. Love the pictures! And a big Happy Birthday to you! Celebrating? God's goodness for answered prayer in a family matter! And His patience with me while I resisted trying to 'fix' the situation! Have a blessed week, Dora!


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