Celebrating at High Five Friday

Thank you, Sandra Ardoin, for announcing and celebrating awards and contracts (including mine!) at High Five Friday. Check it out here…http://sandraardoin.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/high-five-friday-15/

Hubby and I are wrapping up our week-
long driving tour of the northeast. 

We’ve enjoyed a great week together, relaxing, eating (a lot of that going on!), and visiting some cool places like Ben & Jerry’s Factory and the Morse Syrup Farm in Vermont. We’re venturing into Boston today. Who knows what we’ll find.

Do I need to tell you how excited I’ll be when my head lands on my own pillow? 
I miss the feel of my grandson’s little arms wrapped around my neck in a hug, the sound of my granddaughter’s sweet little voice, guzzling a tall glass of iced tea, wrapping my fingers around a giant mug of cafe con leche and inhaling the scent. I praise God for rest, relaxation, and quality time away with my hubby. You see, my hubby doesn’t get much opportunity to unwind, to relax. He’s a fire chief, on call 24/7, with a radio and a cell phone attached to his hip. So, vacations like this are healthy, a destresser for him. 

But, my fingers itch to get back into the writing groove. I spread the love throughout the northeast, donating a few copies of Journey’s End to some libraries along the way. One librarian invited me back for an author event. We just might be making another trip to the northeast. Hmmm….does that count as work? Ut-oh.

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