A Love So Sweet, A Life So Complete

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” —Roger Caras

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Our family

Look at these two munchkins.

Dogs are wonderful teachers.

They teach us so much about embracing and loving their differences.

One is energetic and practically bounces like a bunny. He races and slides on our wood floors and would make a wonderful addition to a roller derby team. He’s stubborn, willful, and barks his impatience. While he enjoys an occasional cuddle, he seems to prefer exploring on his own.

Our older boy prefers a long nap over playtime and he’s so incredibly patient with the little. He lived with his first human owners for 8 years before being surrendered to a shelter. Understandably, the big guy suffers from separation anxiety and doesn’t like for me to be out of his sight. He even puts up with our endless walks to help him slim down to his healthy weight just because he wants to be with me. He howls, a long mournful wail, when we leave him alone. But he’s only barked a few times.

Dogs make our lives better.

Dogs Make Our Life Better Fiction Faith & Foodies Ernie & Dora Hiers

They add zest and joy and sparkle to our days. They give us a reason to get up out of our chairs and go for a walk. You might have just scolded or stepped on them (as in my case with the little), but they have short memories. Dogs give wet, sloppy kisses and dish out love without conditions.

What about you? Is your life better because of a dog?

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  1. Aw…I love both of these photos, Tori. I’m so happy these fellas are part of your family now. We don’t have pets of our own, but we’ve adopted many of our neighbors dogs. A Havernese named Plato actually made it into one of my books. He is the cutest thing! xo

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