Sweet, Clean and/or Christian Romance Book Bundles…

Hey, all!

Happy Friday! Are you looking for a reason to stay in this weekend? How about some great books to load on your kindle? Is that enough of a reason to skip going out and staying in?

Check out these promotional bundles, either FREE with newsletter signup, an AWESOME sale, or available in Kindle Unlimited. I hope you’ll find some amazing new books to read, including some of mine. 🙂

Please keep scrolling to the bottom, as I’d love your opinion!

2020-3-3 Discover Something Sweet

An utterly delicious selection of first-in-series clean and/or Christian romances, each on sale for $2.99 or less

2020-3-3 Small Town Sweets

A delightful bundle of  sweet/clean and/or Christian romances, FREE with newsletter signup

2020-3-10 Dreamy Cowboy

A wonderful selection of clean and sweet/Christian romances with, you guessed it, dreamy cowboys, all available in Kindle Unlimited!

2020-3-10 Spring Sweet Romance

A beautiful bundle of SWEET ROMANCES ONLY, all rated G or PG!

Choices, choices, choices!

Which of these graphics are you more inclined to click?

What about the promo blurbs? Which one entices you?

What snags your “click trigger” the most, graphic or blurb?

Much like a book cover versus the blurb, I’m curious what causes you to click on one promo over the other. I’d love to know!

*Every author’s definition of sweet/clean varies, so please choose carefully. Also, prices may change without notice, so please verify that the deal is still available before downloading.

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