To diffuse or not to diffuse…

Any essential oil fans out there?

Raising my hand here.

A few drops of frankincense in a diffuser by our bed helps me sleep all night without the need for a potty break. (Previously, I used lavender, but it gave me vivid nightmares.) A blend of tea tree, lemon and rosemary clears my head in the mornings. After a healthy sized cup of coffee, that is. 🙂

Some of my friends use essential oils for cleaning. I haven’t experimented with that yet, but I’m sure I will at some point.

Bristol, the heroine in Summer’s Redemption and a high school counselor, runs a diffuser in her office, billowing out a combination of oils to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Her friends and coworkers like her concoctions so much, they want to buy them from her, but she chooses to give them away because it brings her great joy. Her generous and caring spirit is partly why Trace can’t get her out of his mind, even two years after they broke up.

What about you? Do you use essential oils? What’s your favorite blend and its purpose?

Summer's Redemption, Tomlinson Brothers, book cover

Will old insecurities tear them apart again? Or will God pave the way to a summer’s redemption?

Trace Tomlinson has made his share of mistakes, but his sixteen-year-old son Trip isn’t one of them. The biggest? Letting Bristol Owens slip away two years ago. But Trace had learned the hard truth—that loving a woman stripped a man of his choices—eons ago. So, when the beautiful counselor slipped past a chink in his armor, he broke it off. Besides, with custody of his son now, relationships are off the table until Trip graduates.

Bristol Owens loves her job of shaping young lives on the brink of adulthood…until the day an old flame shows up, begging for advice on how to prevent his teenage son from going down the same troubled road. Why should she help the handsome man who’d shredded her heart and trampled her dreams for a family of her own? But his tender concern for his son wins her heart all over again, and soon his kind deeds—like stepping in at the last minute to build a model for her first career fair—reignite hope and rekindle those dreams.

Can Bristol forgive Trace and open the door to love again? Will old insecurities tear them apart a second time? Or will God pave the way to a summer’s redemption?

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8 thoughts on “To diffuse or not to diffuse…

  1. That’s so interesting about the lavender causing nightmares, Dora. I spray it on my pillow each night. So far, only weird dreams. But then again, my dreams never make sense. 🙂 Looking forward to your release! Enjoy the week. xo


  2. I use essential oils. Equal parts of peppermint, lavender, and lemon is good for allergies. Love Frankincense! I also use Digize for occasional tummy ache. I diffuse a citrus blend for a refreshing morning. After trying to find something to help hubby with migraine pain, we discovered M-Graine. It works! Panaway is great for the occasional muscle aches. Lol! Can you tell I’m a fan? Congratulations on your book! Bristol sounds like my kinda character. 😊

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    • Thank you, Gail! I have never heard of the last three oil blends you mentioned. I will check into them, especially the M-Graine. Both my husband and I get them occasionally, and they last for days. I hope you’re enjoying your summer! xoxo

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      • I’m writing, so I’m enjoying the summer. I misspelled that name. Sorry. It’s M-Grain. Hubs used to miss work several times a year. His were bad. Leaving him dehydrated and hung over. But the oil has helped him. The PLL blend is good for nausea. And Digize is great for easing most stomach upset…heartburn. Thanks for sharing your blends. I kept the email so I could remember the oils. 😉

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